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Down, Set, Hut 

(The Untold Story of College Football)


                Charlie tries to lead the Puma college football team to a championship. Will the stress and the pressure break him? Mary tries to be his supportive college sweetheart through it all. Can their relationship make it through the tumult? Blake chases his dream of becoming a college football head coach. His wife April has to decide if she can live the life of a coach’s wife. Will their marriage make it?

                Follow these poignant characters through all the trials and tribulations of a college football season. You will remember them long after you have finished the book. “Down, Set, Hut” shows you the real world of college football by sharing more than just the playing and coaching side of the game. Learn about all the human drama that accompanies America’s favorite sport.  It is truly the untold story of college football and one that will appeal to everyone, football fan, or not. 

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